These Conditions and Terms of general use (hereinafter, the Conditions and Terms of Use) regulate access and use of the website (hereinafter, the website) that the company PLANO A PLANO PRODUCTORA CINE Y TELEVISION S.L. (hereinafter PLANO A PLANO) makes available to Internet Users (hereinafter, the User or Users).

Use of the website indicates full acceptance by the User of the existing Conditions and Terms of Use every time that a User accesses the same. If the user is in disagreement with any of the conditions here established, he should abstain from using the website.


COMPANY: PLANO A PLANO PRODUCTORA CINE Y TELEVISION S.L., a company registered at: Calle Padre Damián, 43 Bajo, 28036 - Madrid (Spain), inscribed in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, in Tome 18.201, Book 0, Folio 18, Section 8, Sheet M- 315160, Inscription con C.I.F.: B-83400465, telephone number 91 353 39 59, fax 91 350 58 31 and email


The Website is a web-page that has as its purpose the provision of information to the Users, and includes information of interest such as news and press releases regarding the Series and other programs produced by PLANO A PLANO, and facilitates and provides different content on the Series and other programs from PLANO A PLANO (hereinafter, the Content).


3.1 Access to the Website is conditioned upon prior reading and acceptance by the User regarding the terms, conditions, communications, warnings and legal notices contained in this document. Once the Users enter and use the Website, they accept the Conditions and Terms of Use. If any User is in disagreement with the content or part of the content of these Conditions and Terms of Use, he should abandon the Website, being duly unable to access or make use of the Content.

The Conditions and Terms of Use that are established here are applicable to all forms of access that exist or may exist in the future to the Website, including via Internet, mobile or any other device.

3.2 Access to the Website is free and to view it requires no subscription or prior registration.

3.3 The User understands and accepts that any use other than what has been authorized is expressly prohibited.

3.4 PLANO A PLANO reserves the right to effectuate, without prior notice, any changes and modifications that it deems appropriate for the Website and its Conditions and Terms of Use, such as its Privacy and Cookies Policy.


4.1 The User is obligated to carry out licit use of the Website and Contents offered in the same, in accordance with existing legislation, respecting the rights of intellectual and industrial rights of PLANO A PLANO and any other third party.

4.2 The User guarantees that the activities he will carry out on the Website and its Content conform with the law, morality public order, good customs, and behaving as such that no offenses will be brought about against PLANO A PLANO or for any other company, or any other Internet Users or third parties.

4.3 The User commits not to carry out any action on the Website that would cause damage or alteration to the Content of the Website, not to halt the functionality of the Website, nor to cause technical problems, nor to transfer any elements containing viruses or elements capable of causing damage, interference or interception of the Website, be it total or in part, as well as not to intervene or alter the email of other Users.

4.4 The User guarantees that any information provided to PLANO A PLANO will be true and correct.

4.5 The use that the Users may make of the Content and/or information supplied through PLANO A PLANO will be carried out on the Users' account and risk.


5.1 PLANO A PLANO has the right to suspend access to the Website, temporarily and without prior notice, with the intention of notifying the Users prior, whenever circumstances allow it.

5.2 PLANO A PLANO does not guarantee the veracity, reliability, precision, appropriateness or convenience of the information supplied to the Users by third parties.

5.3 PLANO A PLANO does not have any type of control over the websites and/or applications that may not be theirs and will not be responsible for their contents or usage. Whenever the User links to a website that does not belong to PLANO A PLANO, PLANO A PLANO is not declaring or insinuating that it is backing said website. It shall be the User's responsibility to adopt the previsions necessary to shield himself and his computer systems against viruses or other harmful or damaging content. PLANO A PLANO rejects any type of responsibility for damages resulting from the use on the part of the User of websites that are not by PLANO A PLANO.


6.1 PLANO A PLANO has no obligation and does not control the utilization that the Users make of the Website or of its Content. Thus, PLANO A PLANO does not guarantee that the Users will use the Website and its Content in accordance with these Conditions and Terms of Use, nor that they will do it with diligence, prudence, or respect for the Law and public order.

6.2 The User understands and accepts that the Website has been created and developed in good faith by PLANO A PLANO and that it is offered in its current state to the Users.

6.3 PLANO A PLANO fulfills the regulations on Data Protection and makes use of personal data privacy systems that impede access by third parties to the same. PLANO A PLANO has established all of the technical and organizational security measures necessary to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of personal data facilitated by the User, as detailed in its Privacy and Cookies Policy.

6.4 Nonetheless, PLANO A PLANO does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements within the Content of the Website, that could come about and produce alterations in the computing system (software and hardware)  of the User or in the electronic documents and files stored within his computing system, in spite of having adopted the technological measures necessary to avoid it. PLANO A PLANO relinquishes any responsibility for the damages and harm of any nature that may come about due to the presence of a virus in the Content, which may produce alterations within the computing system, electronic documents, files, etc.

  1. LINKS

7.1 The Users will not be allowed to establish any link to the Website from any other website without the prior and express consent of PLANO A PLANO, unless otherwise indicated within these Conditions and Terms of Use.

7.2 If the Website should contain links with other websites not managed by PLANO A PLANO, PLANO A PLANO declares that it does not exercise any control over those websites, nor will it respond to, or be responsible for the content of the same. The links that the Website may contain will be offered, solely as informational references, without any type of value placed over those contents, services or products offered in the same.

Under no circumstance will the links be considered as a recommendation, sponsorship or distribution on the part of PLANO A PLANO regarding the products, services or contents owned by third parties, offered by third parties or in any way divulged by third parties.

7.3 PLANO A PLANO rejects all responsibility relating to the services lent by third parties as it may regard claims of any nature or demands that may come about in relation to the same.


PLANO A PLANO will at all times respect what is set forth by Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, as well as what is set forth in the rest of the existing legislation regarding the use of Cookies. PLANO A PLANO will apply the measures necessary, for the purposes of using the appropriate level of security for the files that contain User data.

The Users can obtain further information in the Privacy and Cookies Policy.


9.1 PLANO A PLANO, as exclusive owner or assignee, holds all of the rights to intellectual and industrial property to the elements and content of the Website.

9.2 All designs, images, maps, graphics, marks, distinctive signs or logos of PLANO A PLANO, frames, banners, software and distinct code, fonts and objects, etc. of the Website are the property of PLANO A PLANO, which is the exclusive owner and assignee of the rights of usage of intellectual and industrial ownership of the same.

9.3 The distinct logos or signs of other companies that may appear on the Website during navigation thereof by the User, are their respective property, making legal use of them and consenting to them being incorporated into the Website.

9.4 The Users may not copy, modify, distribute, transfer, reproduce, publish, cede, or sell the aforementioned elements, nor create new products or services derived from the Content or elements of the Website. The Users commit to respecting PLANO A PLANO's rights to intellectual and industrial property.

9.5 The Users may view the Content and elements of the Website and even print them, copy them or store them in any physical form so long as they are uniquely and exclusively for personal or private use, without extending them to third parties. The User should abstain from evading, manipulating, suppressing or altering any protection device or security system that may be installed on the Website.


10.1 PLANO A PLANO will prosecute failure of compliance with the present Conditions and Terms of Use, as well as any undue usage of the Website, exercising all civil and penal actions within their rights. 

10.2 PLANO A PLANO makes a system available to the Users and third parties for filing unilateral claims, through which the Users themselves will be able to notify PLANO A PLANO regarding any violation of their Conditions and Terms of Use or Policies, at the following address:

10.3 PLANO A PLANO will make every effort to prevent the Content of the Website from violating the Law or holding any pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory or racist nature as well as prevent the fomentation of violence, upon receiving notice to that effect.


11.1 These Conditions and Terms of Use make up the entire agreement between PLANO A PLANO and the User as they relate to the object of this document and will only be able to be modified through a written correction signed by a person authorized by PLANO A PLANO, or through means of a publication of a new version reviewed by PLANO A PLANO.

11.2. The legislation of some countries may not allow any or all of the limitations of responsibility stipulated in these Conditions and Terms of Use, and said legislation may confer additional rights to those that are here given to the Users, in which case PLANO A PLANO will respect said laws where applicable.

11.3 If any clause in these Conditions and Terms of Use is declared completely or partially null or inefficient, only the mentioned stipulation that has been nullified will be affected, the rest of the Conditions and Terms of Use will remain in force, and holding such a disposition, or a part of the same that ends up being affected by the lack of safeguarding that, in being essential to the present Conditions and Terms of Use, may be affected in an integral manner.


12.1 These Conditions and Terms of Use, as well as any relation between the Users and PLANO A PLANO, will be governed by Spanish law. In case of conflict in the application or interpretation of these Conditions and Terms of Use, the parties submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the capital, Madrid.

12.2 Without prejudice to the above, when the User is considered as a Consumer, he may claim his rights to that effect in relation to these Conditions and Terms of Use within Spain as well as in his European Union member state of residence.

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