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PLANO A PLANO is an independent film and television production company. In 2014 we entered the neighbourhood of EL PRÍNCIPE (Telecinco), our first series, with Jose Coronado, Álex González, Hiba Abouk and Rubén Cortada. In 2015 we went DOWN BELOW (Antena 3) with María León, Jon Plazaola and Mariano Peña to produce our first comedy series. In 2016 we took on the challenge of returning to the sixties to report on CRIME TIMES (TVE), with Fernando Guillén Cuervo and Verónica Sánchez, while also looking for the TRUTH (Telecinco), with Lydia Bosch, Elena Rivera and Jon Kortajarena. Now we are also dedicated to SERVE AND PROTECT, our new daily series for TVE. And there are many more stories yet to be told. Our goal – to tell the ones that matter and to make them entertaining.

César Benítez

Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Producer

(Madrid, 1957) César began his career in film producing working as production trainee, floor manager, first production assistant, location manager and head of production in over 35 films and TV series. In 1988, inspired by his accumulated experience, he launched his first company, CRISTAL PRODUCCIONES CINEMATÓGRAFICAS.

In 1994, CRISTAL PRODUCCIONES became BOCABOCA PRODUCCIONES and positioned itself as one of the leading Spanish producers of TV and cinema thanks to the quality of its productions, a total independence in its choice of projects and a keen eye for discovering new talents.

During this period, César produced such significant titles as the TV crime series EL COMISARIO, the teen soap AL SALIR DE CLASE and critically and audience-acclaimed films such as PLANTA CUARTA, NOS MIRAN, CHA CHA CHA, EL AMOR PERJUDICA SERIAMENTE LA SALUD, TODOS LOS HOMBRES SOIS IGUALES and BOCA A BOCA.

In 2011, César founded PLANO A PLANO in association with Aitor Gabilondo. Together they created and produced hit series EL PRÍNCIPE and DOWN BELOW, which have established Plano a Plano as a leader on the Spanish audio-visual scene. 2016 saw the addition of period-set procedural CRIME TIMES and THE TRUTH (yet to premiere). Since 2017, César also produces daily series TO SERVE AND PROTECT.

Emilio Amaré

CEO General Director

Pedro Juan Rivera

Head of Entertainment

Emilio A. Pina

Executive Producer

Rocío Martínez

Executive Producer & Writer

Juan Carlos Cueto

Executive Producer & Writer

Tirso Calero

Executive Producer & Writer

JOSETXU Palenzuela

Creative Director & International Affairs

Fredy Alcelay


David Cotarelo

Drama & Comedy Developement Director

Roberto Serrano

Drama & Comedy Developement Deputy Director

Patricia Abad Cost

Legal Director

Cristina Segura Francisco


Ana Nieto


Borja Gil

Finantial Director

David Jareño

Production Director

Alejandro Vázquez

Production Director

Emilio Perea

Production Director

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