Xabier Zurita is a Basque notary with the appearance of a Basque notary. His life is as square as his shirts. Single, he doesn’t seem to ask more of life than the small pleasures of his routines, but everything changes when he receives an unexpected news: a tumour growing in his head is going to kill him in less than three months.

Overcome by the news, Xabi is unable to share it with his friends and makes the first unpredictable decision of his life: he packs his bags and sets off for Benidorm. The place where his happiness was fuller than ever. The place where he met, on his end-of-year trip, his first and only love: Maria Miranda.

As soon as he arrives in the city, he settles in the Hotel Benidorm with the mission of looking for that girl he last saw years ago. Saddened by his terrible illness and by not finding Maria, Xabi drowns his sorrows in alcohol in the hotel bar, where he tells all his misfortunes to Tony, a stranger who was passing by and who is stunned by Xabi’s confession: he has saved three million euros.

Neither short nor lazy, Tony runs to see his girlfriend, Candy, a girl who works in a strip club in the hope that an opportunity will arise to leave him. Tony brings her to him on a platter. If they manage to convince the Basque that she is Maria Miranda, they will get an inheritance that will finally allow them to live the life they deserve.

Will Xabi fall into Tony’s trap? Will he end up going back to the Basque Country? And will Xabi’s friends leave him stranded in Spain’s most popular beach town?

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