Sonia Ledesma (Michelle Calvó), a 32-year-old inspector, is assigned to the Disappeared Group, within the Central Police Station of the Judicial Police. This police unit directed by the veteran Santiago Abad (Juan Echanove), is in charge of investigating and solving cases of people who disappear without a trace. Sonia will have as a partner Rodrigo Medina (Maxi Iglesias), sub-inspector with whom he will have strong disputes over his different conceptions in his police work. Both are condemned to understand each other.

This department will have the invaluable help of the Neighborhood Association “Help Missing Persons”, of which Carmen Fuentes (Elvira Mínguez) is president, a woman capable of removing heaven and earth to find all that person disappeared from the map.

Such collaboration is not the only thing that unites Sonia and Carmen. Both carry the drama of having lost someone: Carmen, her son Pablo, who disappeared seven years ago and Sonia, her husband Mikel, who she has not known for three years, when he was working with an NGO in Somalia.

Sonia will have to face the pressure exerted by Mikel’s family, who insist on turning the page and officially declaring him dead. All this while trying to eradicate the suffering of families who have lost their loved ones.

The dead are dead, the missing are neither dead nor alive, so the Disappeared Group will never stop investigating …

Disappeared is the third collaboration between Plano a Plano and Mediaset after El Príncipe and La Verdad. This is a series about the disappeared, the relatives affected by their departure and the section of the National Police in charge of locating them.

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