Madrid 1966. Since the writing of the newspaper EL CASO, Jesús Expósito and Clara López investigate crimes that the police themselves consider impossible.

Madrid 1966. Jesus Expósito (Fernando Guillén Cuervo) is a lone wolf, a former policeman who has made himself and has a thorny past. Clara López-Dóriga (Verónica Sánchez) is a good, university, cosmopolitan girl with a more complicated present than she would like. Both could not be more different, but they are condemned to understand each other, because the old dog of journalism and the new girl with aspirations have become the star journalists of EL CASO, the newspaper of events that marked a whole era.

Inspired by real events, THE CASE is a series of research where each episode tells a crime that was, or could have been, the newspaper with the largest circulation of the time and was responsible for counting the most rugged events and violent.

Reports on passional murders, disappearances of people in strange circumstances, paranormal phenomena, satanic rites, in short, all kinds of truculent stories of the deepest Spain. And always with censorship as the sword of Damocles about to fall on the editors who, on the other hand, take refuge in that theirs is considered a popular and unserious means to cover stories that other newspapers do not dare to narrate.

In this context there is a crossing point between two Spains of the time: a submissive and conformist with the political situation and another, anxious for culture and freedom, especially freedom of information.

EL CASO has been awarded the Best Series award at FesTVal in Vitoria.

A production forAntena 3


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