A young woman appears in Santander claiming to be a girl disappeared nine years ago.

Will she be telling The Truth?

After disappearing in strange circumstances when she was a child, Paula (Elena Rivera), reappears turned into a beautiful and enigmatic teenager of 17 years.

Marcos (Jon Kortajarena), an ambitious policeman, is in charge of the investigation, mainly because the story of the girl is full of unknowns that make her doubt his veracity. The girl is returned to her parents (Lydia Bosch and Ginés García Millán), but nobody is quite sure that she is really who she says she is. Especially Lalo (José Luis García Pérez), a veteran journalist, who throws more fuel on the fire ensuring that if the family has received the girl without asking questions it is because she has something to hide …

A mystery difficult to untangle for an inexperienced policeman like Marcos, especially when he seems unable to resist the enigmatic, sensual and dangerously attractive personality of Paula, a wounded animal that only pursues one thing: to get them to want it. at all costs …

A production for Antena 3