Alberto has dreamed since childhood of being the next Sherlock Holmes, but along the way he has remained a security guard at a shopping center. He has everything he needs for it, except the detective license he just suspended for the fifth time.

As if that were not enough, he is evicted and will have to move to live with his nephews and with his sister-in-law Marta, his platonic love since he was little. You could say that next to the definition of ” loser ” in the dictionary comes his picture. But everything changes when he meets Max, an infallible secret agent capable of successfully carrying out any mission proposed to him. Max embodies everything that Alberto needs in a partner, in addition to a small detail that makes him unique: he is an adorable Jack Russell dog with the ability to speak.

Max and Alberto will not only have to face the most complex cases, but they will also have to figure out how to do it in such a way that neither their family nor the police discover Max’s secret identity. The only ones who also know his skills are his former colleagues in the criminal organization for which he was forced to work, and if they find him they will fulfill his threat to sacrifice him.

But Max has other qualities besides being a talking dog. He is intelligent, deductive, professional and, above all, capable of upsetting Alberto in any situation. In spite of everything, Holmes already has found his Watson, and together they will create “Hounds”, the agency of detectives with which he will be able to fulfill the dream of his life.

A production forAntena 3


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