The most human side of people who work for security.

From Monday to Friday at 4.55pm

Servir y Proteger is a daily series produced by TVE, in collaboration with Plano a Plano, which is set in a police station.  However, this is not a usual police series, but a melodrama with a police touch, where the main things are feelings, ambitions, human relationships, love, in short… life.

The series shows the most human side of the people who work to guarantee our safety, and we see how the station becomes in a place where big and small stories come together with a common denominator, emotion.

With a strong female presence in the main characters, the series addresses the daily life of a police station in the south of a large city such as Madrid. The cases investigated by our police officers are usually small in the criminal scale; nonetheless they are crucial for the lives of those affected, which allows us to focus on conflicts of a social nature. We’ll also see problems related to immigration, evictions or gender violence.  Thus, the dramas, the joys, the hopes and the conflicts will always be present in the police station and, consequently, in the lives of our characters.

In the neighborhood where the series takes place, not only is the police station relevant, since other businesses will directly affect the characters, such as a law firm, an outpatient clinic, a bar, a gym… A combination of scenarios will shape the plot of the series, as it develops.  In short Servir y Proteger is a melodramatic series with a huge influence from the police genre that addresses social conflicts from a human and emotional perspective.

A production forAntena 3