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Prime-time series for Atresmedia, located in natural settings of Marbella, Málaga and various locations on the Costa del Sol.

Hugo Beltrán is a young, handsome and carefree Marbella stripper but one day he wakes up in his sailboat next to the burned corpse of a man: the husband of his lover Macarena Medina, a mature and powerful woman with whom Hugo maintained an extreme sexual relationship .

Hugo does not remember anything, but he knows that he is not the murderer, but the victim of a montage to incriminate him. After a quick trial, he is sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

Everything changes seven years later when Triana, a young and ambitious lawyer, manages to reopen the case and conditional freedom for Hugo.

Hugo returns to his old life as a stripper, but this time to discover the truth.

A story about betrayal, sex, fear and manipulation. A story about the family and the secrets that should never come to light. A story of a terrible crime, but imperfect.

A production for Antena 3