Toy Boy

Toy Boy is a primetime series for Atresmedia, filmed in natural scenarios in Marbella, Malaga and various locations on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

The story begins seven years ago when Hugo Beltrán, a young, handsome, carefree stripper, was found in his sailboat with a dead man’s burned corpse – it’s the husband of Hugo’s lover, an older, powerful woman with whom he’s maintained a highly sexual, torrid affair.

Hugo doesn’t remember anything that happened the night of the crime (he had taken a substantial quantity of drugs in an orgy in Marbella), but he’s sure that he isn’t the murderer. He believes that he is the victim of a set-up by someone trying to frame him. After a swift trial, he is sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

Seven years later, he receives a visit in jail from Triana Marín, a young lawyer representing an important law firm. She offers to help him by reopening the case to prove his innocence in a new trial, due to inconsistencies during the case’s legal proceedings.

Prison turns Hugo into a bitter, cynical, hardened person, and he doesn’t trust her offer. Why would an important law firm want to help him? What are they expecting in exchange? Triana explains that they’re taking on the case pro bono. Pro bonos are cases that important law firms take on free of charge as a social work initiative to help improve their public image. A sort of legal welfare.

Triana manages to get Hugo’s sentence reversed and gets him out of jail. He’s on probation, waiting for a new trial to prove his innocence.

Triana and Hugo have to work together to try to unravel the complex conspiracy that sent him to jail. They will face dark and powerful forces, as well as Macarena, the victim’s widow and Hugo’s former lover.

The collaboration between the lawyer and the stripper does not go smoothly. They belong to diametrically opposed worlds – she’s a hardworking, responsible, brilliant lawyer with a promising future. He is a man of the night, ex-con, believed to be a murderer by just about everyone in the world except himself. A victim seeking justice… and revenge.

Love, mystery, action, a struggle for power, wealth, and misery… The story, plots and production take place in various locations along the Costa del Sol, from the richest, most exclusive areas to the most humble, popular sites, giving the series a unique, unmistakable visual identity.


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