Plano a Plano / Netflix

Format: 5×40′ (1 season)
Genre: Romantic comedy
A production for: Netflix
Year: 2023
Based on the bestseller by Elísabet Benavent


David and Margot come from different worlds. She is heiress to a hotel empire. He must work three jobs to make ends meet.

But when their paths come together, they realize they are the only people who can help each other win back the love of their lives. The expectations of the world, their own demands and the world around them have made them think they must change their ways to win back their partners.

But the road they travel together, a trip and their own friendship will be the trigger to discover that, first, they have to fall in love with themselves again.

Most-watched Spanish-language content on Netflix worldwide in the second half of 2023.
Top 10 most watched non-English content on Netflix in 80 countries.



Idea: Adaptation of the novels by Elísabet Benavent
Executive Producer: César Benítez and María López Castaño
Script Coordination: María López Castaño
Screenplay: María López Castaño, Aurora Gracià, Almudena Ocaña and Fernanda Eguiarte
Direction: Inma Torrente and Nely Reguera
Art director: Mercedes Canales
Cinematography: Johnny Yebra
Production director: Sara García
Casting: Eva Leira and Yolanda Serrano
Makeup and Hairstyling: Patricia Rodríguez
Costume design: Laura Cuesta
Postproduction coordinator: José Aranda
Editing: Ángel Armada
Sound: Ferrán Mengod


Anna Castillo – Margot
Álvaro Mel – David
Ana Belén – Madre de Margot
Ingrid García Johnson – Candela
Lourdes Hernández – Patricia
Jimmy Roca – Iván
Tai Fati – Domi
Lydia Pavón – Idoia