Plano a Plano / Mediaset

Format: 13×70′ (1 season)
Genre: Thriller
A production fot: Mediaset
Year: 2020


Sonia Ledesma (Michelle Calvó) is assigned to the Grupo de Desaparecidos (Missing Persons Group) within the Comisaría Central de Policía Judicial. This police unit led by veteran Santiago Abad (Juan Echanove) is in charge of investigating and solving cases of people who disappear without a trace. Sonia will have as a partner Rodrigo Medina (Maxi Iglesias), a sub-inspector with whom she will have strong disputes because of their different conceptions in their police work. Both are doomed to understand each other.

This is a series about the missing, the relatives affected by their departure and the section of the national police in charge of locating them.

Desaparecidos is the third collaboration between Plano a Plano and Mediaset after El Príncipe and La Verdad.



Creator: Curro Royo
Original Idea: Javier Ugarte – Jorge Guerricaechevarría – Patxi Amezcua
Executive Producer: César Benítez – Emilio A. Pina
Direction: Miguel Ángel Vivas – Inma Torrente – Jacobo Martos
Script coordinator: Miguel Ángel Fernández
Script: Curro Royo – Juan Vicente Pozuelo – Mercedes Cruz – Irene Olaciregui – Miguel Ángel Fernández – Joaquín Górriz
Art director: Mercedes Canales
Cinematography: Javier Salmones
Production director: Alejandro Vázquez
Casting: Carmen Utrilla – Margarita Rodríguez
Makeup: José Quetglas
Hairdresser: Natalia Sesé
Cinematographer: Nazareth Colomina
Postproduction coordinator: José L. Aranda
Editing coordinator: Ángel Armada
Sound: Iván Marín


Juan Echanove – Santiago Abad
Elvira Mínguez – Carmen Fuentes
Michelle Calvó – Sonia Ledesma
Chani Martín – Sebas Cano
Maxi Iglesias – Rodrigo Medina
Amanda Ríos – Azhar García
Lucía Barrado – Laura Fuentes