Plano a Plano Canarias / Buendía Estudios Canarias

Format: 5×50′ (x1 season)
Genre: Procedural crime
A production for: Atresmedia
Year: 2024


Luis Lacasa, a prestigious homicide inspector in Madrid, is forced to accept a transfer to the Canary Islands and adapt to everything he hates: the heat, the sand and the tourists, but above all to Naira, a charismatic inspector, a lover of her land with whom, despite their differences and rivalries, he will form a good team and at the same time, a complicity that will question his iron convictions.

Prime time crime procedural series for Atresmedia.
Filming in Canary Islands and Madrid.
Released in atresplayer.



Idea: Fran Carballal, Enrique Lojo, Curro Royo
Executive Production: César Benítez, Emilio A. Pina, Emilio Amaré, Álvaro Benítez and Fran Carballal
Executive Co-Production: Lucía Alonso-Allende
Script coordination: Fran Carballal
Screenplay: Enrique Lojo, Nano López Moure, Pablo Manchado y Nerea Gil
Script analyst: Raquel Busca
Director: Inma Torrente, Moisés Ramos Palmo
Art director: Purificación Adorna
Cinematographer: Víctor Tejedor Navares
Production Manager: Emilio Perea
Casting: Carmen Utrilla, Marga Rodríguez
Makeup and hair: Haridian Nóbrega, Elías Díaz Martín
Costume design: Alberto Luna
Editing: Ángel Armada


Ginés García Millán – Luis Lacasa
Natalia Verbeke – Naira Oramas
Paco Marín – Ramón
Sergio Momo – Perdomo
Silvia Nadal – Cata
Luna Zuazu – Jimena
Dariam Coco – Bel