Plano a Plano / RTVE

Format: 10×70′ (1 season)
Genre: Buddy comedy (Buddy comedy)
A production for: TVE
Year: 2018


Alberto has dreamed of becoming the next Sherlock Holmes since he was a child, but along the way he has become a security guard at a shopping mall. He has everything he needs for it, except the detective’s license he has just failed for the fifth time.

You could say that next to the definition of ”loser” in the dictionary is his picture. But everything changes when he meets Max, an infallible secret agent capable of successfully completing any mission he is given. Max embodies everything Alberto needs in a partner, plus a small detail that makes him unique: he is an adorable Jack Russell dog with the ability to talk. Together they will create ”Sabuesos”, the detective agency with which he will be able to fulfill the dream of his life.

International sales: Japan, United States, Latin America, China and Russia.


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Creators: César Benítez – David Cotarelo – Roberto Serrano
Executive Producers: César Benítez – Emilio A. Pina
Director: Iñaki Mercero – Jacobo Martos – Javier Quintas
Script: Roberto Serrano – Enrique Lojo – Fran Arnal – Sergio Guardado – Benigno López – Libe Ortiz – Iñaki San Román – Juan Torres – Paula López – Miriam Miranda – Ángela Obón – Francisco Roncal – Pau Serra
Art director: Mercedes Canales
Cinematography: Johnny Yebra
Sound: Julio Recuero
Production director: Alejandro Vázquez
Casting: Rosa Estévez
Makeup: José Quetglas
Hairdresser: Bárbara Quero
Costume design: Nazareth Colomina
Postproduction coordination: José L. Aranda
Editing: Iván Aledo – Quique Domínguez
Music: César Benito


Salva Reina – Alberto
Ramsés (Voz de Fernando Cabrera) – Max
María Esteve – Marta
Thaïs Blume – Paula
Isabel Madolell – Sonia
Gabriel Delgado – Raúl
Fernando Gil – Gómez
Miguel Bernardeu – Isaac
Daniel Pérez Prada – Ramón
Sergio Torrico –Fer
Roberto Correcher –Fran
Laura Pamplona – Milagros (Mila)
Adrià Collado – Salva