Plano a Plano / Atresmedia

Format: 8×50′ (1 season)
Genre: Comedy
A production for: Atresmedia
Year: 2020


Xabier Zurita is a Basque notary with a life as square as his shirts. Everything changes when he receives unexpected news: a tumor growing in his head will kill him in less than three months.

Overcome by the news, Xabi makes the first unpredictable decision of his life: he packs his suitcase and heads for Benidorm, the place where he met his first and only love, María Miranda, on his end-of-year trip.

There he settles in the Hotel Benidorm and drowns his sorrows in alcohol in the hotel bar, where he tells all his misfortunes to Tony, confessing that he has saved three million euros. Tony and his girlfriend, Candy, will try to trick Xabi into believing that she is María Miranda and, thus, get an inheritance to live the life they deserve.

Comedy produced for Atresmedia TV.
Released on AtresPlayer Premium and HBO Spain.



Created by: César Benítez, Fernando Sancristóbal, Jon de la Cuesta Olaizola
Executive Producers: César Benítez, Emilio Amaré, Fernando Sancristóbal, Jon de la Cuesta Olaizola
Directed by: Jacobo Martos, Miguel Conde
Script: Fernando Sancristóbal, Jon de la Cuesta Olaizola, María Miranda Anguita, José A. Castillo, Paula López Cuervo, Jon Sagala Muñoa
Art director: Mercedes Canales
Cinematography: Johnny Yebra
Production director: David Jareño
Casting: Paula Cámara, Sofia Silveroni, Cristina Guillén
Makeup: Rebeca Fernández
Hairdresser: Maribel Jiménez
Cinematographer: Matías Martini
Postproduction chief: Ángel Armada
Postproduction Coordinator: José L. Aranda
Edition: Isabel Álvarez de Morales, Ángel Armada
Original Music: César Benito
Sound: Julio Recuero


Antonio Pagudo – Xabi
Antonio Resines – Ximo
María Almudéver – Candy / María Miranda
Lilian Caro – Bego
Gorka Aguinagalde – Korta
Andoni Agirregomezkorta – Patxi
Ton Vieira – Ricky
Pablo Derqui – Tony
Chani Martín – Surfer
Pilar Bergés – Noelia
Inma Ochoa – Sole
Raquel Ferri – Puri