Plano a Plano / Playz

Format: 6×15′ (1 season)
Genre: Comedy
A production by: Playz (RTVE)
Year: 2018


Aníbal and Aparicio have abandoned the case and are now reporters on a TVE program. With much effort, they manage to spot a flying saucer and record it. Back at the newsroom, the film is mysteriously veiled.
However, fed up with the contempt of Irene, the director of their program, instead of recognizing their failure, with the help of Lola the set designer, they decide to reconstruct what their camera could not reveal. What they don’t expect is that the montage will have so much repercussion that they will be commissioned their own section in the program. A section for which they will make increasingly sophisticated montages. Their deception will be about to be discovered on numerous occasions, until a fact much bigger than they could imagine will force them to make a decision.

Broadcast exclusively by Playz (RTVE).
Digital spin off of the series El Caso. Chronicle of events



Based on the characters of The Case. Chronicle of events
Executive Producer: Emilio Amaré
Direction and script: Daniel Castro
Art director: Mercedes Canales
Cinematography: Víctor Tejedor
Sound: Javier Camarasa
Production manager: Oscar Rubio
Casting: Paula Cámara
Makeup: Soledad Padilla
Hairdresser: Jesús García Sánchez
Cinematographer: Laura Renau
Postproduction coordinator: José L. Aranda
Editing: Cristina Alcolea
Sound: Javier Camarasa
Music: Jaime Cristóbal


Daniel Pérez Prada – Aníbal de Vicente
Ignacio Mateos – Aparicio Sierra
Cristina de Inza – Irene de Valle
Agnés Llobet – Lola
Paco Churruca – Director General de TVE
Fernando Guillén-Cuervo – Jesús Expósito
Berta de la Dehesa – Leticia
Enrique Villén – Padre de Aníbal
Jorge da Rocha – Rodrigo
Gloria Albalate – La Gran Maricarmen
Javier Botet – Mentalista
Jorge Cabrera – Experto
Álvaro Roig – Militar