Plano a Plano / Telemadrid

Format: 13×70′ (1 season)
Genre: Quiz Show
A production for: Telemadrid
Year: 2018


Carmen Alcayde is the presenter of our program Plan Renove. During the program, Carmen will have a truck full of prizes, with which she will travel the streets of the towns and cities of the Community of Madrid to offer an “Upgrade” to families who want to participate.

The contestants will be able to update their most prized appliances for others of the latest generation, without leaving their living room and in exchange for correctly answering a series of questions. But if their answers are not correct, they will have to spend a month with their cell phone, washing machine or sofa, totally sealed, without being able to use them.



Executive Producer: César Benítez, Pedro Juan Rivera, Fredy Alcelay
Host: Carmen Alcayde
Director: Ángel Romo
Production: Jesús Avendaño, Pilar Juste
Production Manager: Yolanda Guerrero, Yaiza Sánchez
Script: Alfonso Míguez, Miguel Ángel Gómez, Virginia Hernández
Casting chief: Berta Muñoz
Postproduction coordinator: José L. Aranda
Editing: Pedro Beltrán, Javier Sáez, Laura Cano, Daniel García, Laura Beltrán