Arranca en Verde

Plano a Plano / TVE

Format: 13×30′ (5 seasons)
Genre: Informative quiz show
A production for: TVE
Years: 2018-2019


Arranca en verde is a weekly contest in which viewers are asked questions related to road safety in order to disseminate in an entertaining way the rules of the road and raise awareness about civic driving and respect for the environment.

It is presented by Sara Escudero, who travels in a car through different Spanish towns in search of citizen-contestants.



Executive Production Plano a Plano: César Benítez
Plano a Plano General Director: Emilio Amaré
Executive Producer: Pedro Juan Rivera
Presenters: Sara Escudero, Leonor Lavado, Axier Raya
Content Director: Fredy Alcelay, Antonio L. Pulido
Script: Lolo Sánchez, Vicente F. Cabodevila, Nuria Buqueras, Coco Lafita
Direction: Santiago Sánchez, Guillermo Sánchez
Direction: Pilar Juste
Sound: Rodrigo Gil
Production Manager: Víctor Aranda (CELOFUN)
Technical Chief: Diego Giner
Makeup: Paula Calzada
Wardrobe: Ángel Nimo
Editing: Pedro Beltrán, Javier Rodríguez, Pepe Alarcón, Zorhayda Lorenzo