Plano a Plano

Format: 8×50′ (1 season)
Genre: Thriller
A Plano a Plano production with Dopamine and with the collaboration of Asacha Media Group and Adrenalin in association with RTVE, Prime Video Spain, Telekom Srbija, Canal+ Poland and RTL Hungary.
Year: 2024


Simón could be a lucky guy; he’s young, smart and about to become a billionaire if he sells his great creation, an innovative algorithm, to a giant corporation. And yet he is lonely. His success in life contrasts with his distinct lack of social skills, but one day, despite his reservations, Simón joins a dating app and, with the inexperience and enthusiasm of a teenager, falls madly in love with Irina, a young Ukrainian woman. Despite the thousands of kilometers that separate them, he decides to leave his country and travel to Spain. But the mysterious Irina, marked with an enigmatic scar on her cheek, keeps a dark secret and pursues a single goal: revenge. A passionate love story that began as a web of lies and will end up changing the destiny of its two protagonists.

First co-production between Spain, the Balkans, Poland and Hungary.
Based on the bestseller by Juan Gómez-Jurado.



Idea: Adaptation of the book by Juan Gómez-Jurado
Executive Producers: César Benítez, Emilio Amaré, Emilio A. Pina, Álvaro Benítez, Fernando Sancristóbal and Fidela Navarro
Screenplay: Fernando Sancristóbal, Pablo Roa, Verónica Marza, Laura Belloso, Fran Carnallall, Ramón Tarrés y Pablo Manchado
Director: Miguel Ángel Vivas, Manuel Carballo and Alejandro Bazzano
Art director: Mercedes Canales
Cinematography: Aitor Mantxola
Production manager: Marta Miró
Casting: Natalia Rodríguez
Makeup and hairstyling: Estefanía Moreno and Ana H. Castrosin
Costume design: Alberto Luna
Editing: Ángel Armada


Juanlu González – Simón
Milena Radulovic – Irina
Luis Fernández – Tomás
Julen Serrano – Arturo
Stefan Kapicic – Boris
Mladen Sovilj – Vanya
Goran Susljik – El Afgano
Maciej Stuhr – Jakub Sanders