Plano a Plano / RTVE

Format: 13×60′ (1 season)
Genre: Crime and suspense
A production for: TVE
Year: 2016


Madrid 1966. Jesús Expósito (Fernando Guillén Cuervo) is a lone wolf, a self-made ex-cop with a thorny past. Clara López-Dóriga (Verónica Sánchez) is a well-to-do, cosmopolitan university student with a more complicated present than she would like. The two could not be more different, but they are doomed to understand each other, because the old dog of journalism and the novice girl with aspirations have become the star journalists of EL CASO, the newspaper of events that marked an entire era.

Inspired by real events, EL CASO is an investigative series in which each episode tells the story of a crime that made the front page, or could have made the front page, of what was the newspaper with the largest circulation of the time and which dealt with the most lurid and violent events.

Within this framework there is a crossroads between two Spains of the time: one submissive and conformist with the political situation and the other eager for culture and freedom, especially freedom of information.

Also broadcasted in Puerto Rico and Latinoamérica, UK, USA, Canada and Russia.



Creators: Fernando Guillén-Cuervo – David Calle – Juan Moya
Executive Producer: César Benítez – Aitor Gabilondo
Executive Co-Producer: Fernando Guillén-Cuervo
Script coordination: Mauricio Romero – Olga Salvador
Script: Mauricio Romero – Olga Salvador -Joan Barbero -Juan Moya -Guadalupe Rilova
Direction: Iñaki Mercero – Javier Quintas – José Ramos Paíno
Art director: Koldo Vallés
Cinematography: Johnny Yebra
Production direction: Emilio Perea
Production manager: María Gil
Casting: Rosa Estevez – Luis Gimeno
Makeup: Pepe Quetglas
Hairdresser: Carmen Veinat
Costume design: Montse Sancho
Postproduction coordinator: Rafael González
Editing: Iván Aledo – Javier Laffaille
Sound: Iván Marín – Pedro Toribio
Music: Manuel Villalta


Jesús Expósito – Fernando Guillén-Cuervo
Clara López – Verónica Sánchez
Antonio Camacho – Antonio Garrido
Miguel Montenegro -Francisco Ortiz
Rebeca Martín – Natalia Verbeke
Rodrigo Sánchez – Fernando Cayo
Gerardo de Zabaleta – Marc Clotet
Tía Laura – María Casal
Fernando López-Dóriga – Carlos Manuel Díaz
Margarita Moyano – Blanca Apilánez
Germán Castro – Gorka Lasaosa
Aníbal de Vicente – Daniel Pérez Prada
Aparicio Huesca – Ignacio Mateos
Paloma García – Teresa Hurtado de Ory
Manuel Cabrera – Raúl Tejón