Plano a Plano / Cuatro

Format: 6×60′
Genre: Coaching
A production for: Cuatro
Year: 2016


Positive. Energetic. Vocational. And willing to help couples in crisis to get second chances. With these credentials comes Pilar Cebrián, host of “Mejor llama a Pilar”, a new coaching program produced by Cuatro in collaboration with Plano a Plano and aimed at advising couples who are going through a deeper crisis than usual, but who are willing to fight to save their relationship.



Executive Producer: Jose Rey-Cabarcos
Coach / presenter: Pilar Cebrián
Script: Eva Labiano
Show director: Ana Ansola
Director: Joaquín Barreno
Production Manager: Laura López Sanclemente
Stylist: Isabel Diéguez
Editing: Manuel Silva, Jose Rentero, Joseba Alfaro, Chema Beltrán