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Plano a Plano

C/ Lanzarote, 19
2ª planta
28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid)
+34 91 353 39 59


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You can send us your material (CV, photos, videobook …) to and we will send it to our casting teams.

If your email does not attach any type of material, the casting team will not be able to assess your profile.

Send us your CV to and we will manage it as soon as possible.

You can send us your catalog, contact or offers to indicating your sector in the subject.

This way we will manage your mail as quickly as possible.

For any matter related to the press, media and communication, write to

For international affairs, you can contact us at

Given the position of Plano to Plano in the audiovisual sector, we do not work with any material that has not been generated internally.

In this way, we do not receive scripts, formats, bibles or any other type of idea, whether it is developed or not.

If you want us to have access to your idea, write to and we will tell you how to proceed.

Any material that we receive that does not follow our protocols, will be eliminated instantly.

For any other question that is not reflected in the previous sections.

Write to with as much detail as possible and we will try to help you.

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Form submission conditions

This production company is not currently accepting unsolicited projects or materials. However, if you decide to send either hard copy or digital materials, you consent to the fact that they will be eliminated without being read or examined.

Furthermore, given the position of this production company in the entertainment industry, you must understand that we receive a lot of material regarding ideas, formats, stories, scripts, suggestions, etc., and that many of them are similar or even identical to projects that have been developed by this production company or are currently under development. Therefore, by submitting unsolicited materials to this production company, you explicitly recognize that the company’s receipt policy in regard to unsolicited materials necessarily implies that you have understood and accept these terms and conditions and that, furthermore, no professional agreement or confidentiality agreement has been established or is in existence at this time between this production company and yourself.

Likewise, you accept that the submission of any such materials does not constitute any obligation of any kind, neither present nor future, for the production company, or any kind of promise or prospect, nor does it establish economic or compensatory rights in your favor.