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After the success of its first two installments, with more than 79,000 views in less than a week.

Madrid, December 18, 2018

Pasionaria Millennial, the series from Plano to Plano exclusively for Instagram, opens its third chapter tomorrow. A new installment in which Lola (Belinda Washington) will return to make his own to turn his daughter Maca (Maria Herrejón) into a successful influencer, despite the reluctance of the latter, contrary to social networks, resist to it.

It will be tomorrow, Wednesday, from 8:00 pm, when this third chapter is available on your Instagram account (
In just one week and since its premiere on Wednesday in the framework of the MiM Series, Pasionaria Millennial has reached more than 79,000 reproductions of its first two chapters.

With more than 13,000 followers on Instagram, Pasionaria Millennial has reached in its first days of release more than 630,000 people who have seen the contents of the series on their profile of the social network. Also, there are more than 369,000 interactions of users who have wanted to be part of the series with their ‘likes’, shares and comments.

The chapters of Pasionaria Millennial will premiere once a week until completing the 10 installments that make up its first season. With this new project, Plano a Plano has decided to bet on digital platforms, adapting to the new way of consuming fiction of the spectators, but without losing its objective: to tell stories that interest.

“A fiction of one minute per chapter follows a structure of script, direction and production totally different to what we are used to,” says the president of Plano a Plano, César Benítez, for whom Pasionaria Millennial supposes “something totally different” and a challenge in the digital area of ​​the production company where “there is still much to experience”.

On the other hand, the executive producer of the series, Emilio Amaré, emphasizes that “the challenge was to make a traditional series in the Instagram format (1 minute per chapter), a series that develops its plots and in which an evolution in the characters from the first chapter to the last. ”

For this, the producer has had the director Ander Pardo and screenwriters Nerea Gil and Pablo Manchado who have managed to capture the fresh air that claims the national fiction. “Having to tell a story with these specific requirements is very stimulating,” says the director.

The series will be published exclusively on his own Instagram account.
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Data sheet
Title: Passionary Millennial
Production Company: Plano a Plano
Digital platform: Instagram

Technical team
Created / idea from: Belinda Washington and César Benítez
Executive production: Emilio Amaré
Direction: Ander Pardo
Script: Nerea Gil and Pablo Manchado
Art direction: Patricia Valles
Costumes: Gigi de Vidal
Makeup: Ana García Rojo
Hairdresser: Raquel Pérez
Camera: Ángel Árcega and Iván Parro
Sound: David Benavent
Edition: Cristina Alcolea
Casting: Paula Cámara

Artistic team:
Belinda Washington, María Herrejón, Coral González, Jorge San José, David Rizzo, Bruno Silva, Fernando Urbelua, Isidro Montalvo, Irene G. Rojo, Jasón Matilla, Alberto Roche


Lola is a former television star and yearns for her years of glory and fame. He realizes that the famoseo of now is in social networks and in young girls. Young as their daughter Maca, activist and against social networks. When Lola opens an Instagram account to Maca, she rejects it. But the attention and comments you receive will end up liking you. So, mother and daughter try to do something together for the first time: to turn Maca into an influencer.