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Poster for Scar


Trailer and official poster revealed for SCAR, the adaptation of best-selling Juan Gómez-Jurado thriller

  • RTL Hungary, new addition to the broadcast windows of the thriller, created by Plano a Plano in co-production with Dopamine.
  • The official poster and trailer have been presented exclusively for the audience of the Séries Mania festival.
  • The stars of the series, Juanlu González and Milena Radulovic, present at the event.


Lille, March 21st, 2024

Today we presented the official poster and the first trailer of our long awaited series Cicatriz, the adaptation of the best seller by Juan Gómez-Jurado, at Séries Mania.

The showcase, sponsored by ICEX, was attended by Álvaro Benítez (Partner and Executive Producer, Plano a Plano), María García-Castrillón (Head of Co-Productions, Dopamine), Aleksandra Martinovic (Director of Multimedia Division, Telekom Srbija), Marina Williams (Head of Content, Asacha Media Group) and Marija Vicic (Executive Director, Adrenalin), who discussed the development and shooting of this ambitious co-production, which is currently in post-production.

In addition, the incorporation of RTL Hungary to the project has been announced, thanks to the management of Asacha Media Group, Plano a Plano’s partner in the project.

The conversation, guided by journalist Rodrigo Ros (Editor-in-Chief of TTVNEWS), focused on the uniqueness of this co-production, which transcends borders and establishes a pioneering collaboration between Spain, Serbia, Poland and Hungary. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the ins and outs of how the adaptation of this successful IP was conceived, addressing the challenges overcome and the keys that have made it possible to bring to the screen a story capable of connecting with audiences in such diverse territories.

This pioneering production paves the way for similar collaborations in the future and highlights the need for co-productions involving several European countries to continue finding new creative and commercial formulas.

The event was also attended by the stars of the series, Serbian actress Milena Radulovic (Besa, Superdeep) and Spanish actor Juanlu González (Valeria, La Caza. Guadiana).

The thriller (8×50) is created by Plano a Plano, produced by Cicatriz A.I.E. and Dopamine, in association with RTVE, Prime Video Spain, Telekom Srbija, Canal+ Poland and RTL Hungary, with the collaboration of Asacha Media Group and Adrenalin. The series is scheduled to premiere in the last quarter of 2024.