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DESAPARECIDOS | First image of shooting

Plano a Plano and Telecinco are immersed in the shooting of the new prime time series “Desaparecidos”

Madrid, February 21, 2019

Plano a Plano and Telecinco have begun the shooting of the new prime time series “Desaparecidos” with the actors Juan Echanove, Michelle Calvó, Maxi Iglesias, Elvira Mínguez, Chani Martín and Amanda Ríos in the main roles.

Desaparecidos‘ is a police drama that tells the story of Sonia Ledesma (Michelle Calvó), an inspector who joins Group 2 of Central Brigade of Disappeared, led by veteran Chief Inspector Santiago Abad (Juan Echanove).

Affected herself by the drama of the disappearance of a loved one, she’ll find in her companions Rodrigo (Maxi Iglesias), Sebas (Chani Martín) and Azhar (Amanda Ríos) a new family. With them, and with the motto ‘We keep looking’, they try to work out in different cases, all of them starred in by people who one day swallowed the earth.

In order to solve them, they have the collaboration of ‘Ayuda Desaparecidos’, an NGO ran by Carmen Fuentes (Elvira Mínguez). The relationship between Carmen and Group 2 goes beyond the professional, since Santiago was in charge of investigating the disappearance of his son years ago.

‘Desaparecidos’ dives into the depths of a drama that every year affects more than six thousand families who face the nightmare of not knowing what happened to a beloved one. Immersed in anguish, they remain for months or years without being able to close the duel, clinging to any sign for not losing hope of finding them.