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MORELIA'S CHILDREN HISTORY | New agreement between Dopamine and Plano a Plano

Dopamine and Plano a Plano will tell us the Morelia’s Children history in their new production.

Madrid, March 28th 2019


The Mexican producer company Dopamine and the Spanish producer company Plano a Plano have signed an agreement to develop a project about Morelia’s Children history.

It is a joint international project, which will tell the story of two of the 456 children who arrived in Mexico on June 7, 1937 from all over Spain, hit at that time by the Civil War.

The series will rescue a story that linked back to both countries. It is currently in the development phase and is scheduled to be recorded between Mexico and Spain. Also, it will have an international casting, formed by a cast of both sides of the Atlantic.

Plano a Plano reinforces its projects in progress for the year 2019. The new fiction will be added, therefore, to Toy Boy and Desaparecidos, series.

For Dopamine, this project joins other large series in progress such as HernánAmarres Cóyotl, recently announced.