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"Una vida menos en Canarias" is a police procedural in which the homicide team led by Luis and Naira, two inspectors with totally opposite personalities, solves a criminal case in each episode.

Madrid, September 13th, 2023.

Ginés García Millán and Natalia Verbeke will star in the fiction where they will play, respectively, Luis Lacasa, a veteran inspector who must accept a forced transfer to the islands and adapt to everything he hates: the heat, the sand and the tourists, and Naira Oramas, an inspector who loves the islands and who, despite their differences and rivalries, will have to form a good team with Luis.

Paco Marín, Sergio Momo, Silvia Naval, Mari Carmen Sánchez, Luna Zuazu, Dariam Coco, Maria Garralón, Elisa Matilla, Thais Blume and Elena Ballesteros, among others, complete the cast of the fiction that is already being filmed in several locations in Madrid and the Canary Islands.

‘Una vida menos en Canarias’, which will have 5 chapters of 50 minutes, is produced by Buendía Estudios Canarias in collaboration with Plano a Plano. César Benítez, Emilio A. Pina, Emilio Amaré, Álvaro Benítez, Ignacio Corrales and Fran Carballal are the executive producers of this fiction whose premiere is part of the Series Atresmedia label. Lucía Alonso-Allende is co-executive producer. The fiction, created by Fran Carballal, Enrique Lojo and Curro Royo, will be directed by Inma Torrente and Moisés Ramos Paíno.

The screenwriting team is formed by Enrique Lojo, Nano López Moure, Pablo Manchado and Nerea Gil, with Fran Carballal as script coordinator and Raquel Busca as script analyst. Emilio Perea will be the Production Director. Purificación Adorna will be in charge of Art Direction. The Director of Photography will be Víctor Tejedor Navares, with Alberto Luna in charge of wardrobe. The editing and postproduction will be coordinated by Ángel Armada.

This is Una vida menos en Canarias

Luis Lacasa, a prestigious homicide inspector in Madrid, is forced to accept a transfer to the Canary Islands and adapt to everything he hates: the heat, the sand and the tourists, but above all to Naira, a charismatic inspector, a lover of his land with whom, despite their differences and rivalries, he will form a good team and at the same time, a complicity that will question his iron convictions.

The cold and cerebral Castilian suffers from achromatopsia, a visual dysfunction that makes him see life in shades of gray, without color, a pathology that has amplified his hermeticism. In this criminal paradise, the inspector is reunited with his daughter Jimena, a renowned chef with whom he has been estranged since the death of his wife in the accident from which he suffers after-effects.

Life on the islands will push him to leave his comfort zone, to meet his daughter and to be amazed by a disturbing detail; sometimes, he perceives color in the inspector.