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Plano a Plano and Libros Cúpula start the “Countdown to Summer” and will take La Vecina Rubia to a television series.

  • The production company has closed a deal with the publishing house to develop the audiovisual adaptation of the popular author’s first novel
  • La Vecina Rubia is the best-known anonymous profile on social networks, behind which is a writer who has unleashed a publishing phenomenon with her fresh and direct prose
  • Plano a Plano is also in full development of the series based on the latest Premio Planeta, “Lejos de Luisiana”, by Luz Gabás

Madrid, April 19th, 2023

Plano a Plano has optioned the rights for the TV series adaptation of Countdown to Summer through an agreement negotiated with the Book & Film Rights department of Grupo Planeta’s Publishing Division.

The novel, La Vecina Rubia’s first foray into the literary world, is the first-person journey of a young woman from adolescence to early adulthood through her friendships, loves and longings along a path to emotional development that empathizes with a generation that alternates universal values and unfulfilled dreams.

Throughout its pages, we discover flesh-and-blood characters that gravitate around the protagonist helping her go through vital stages similar to those that any young person faces on her way to maturity.

“I’ve always been one to make up a lot of stories in my head, but it looks like Countdown to Summer is the one that’s definitely coming out. Writing is my passion, no doubt, but when I do it I try to transfer to the reader in a clear way the images and feelings that are created in my mind. That is a very audiovisual component that my novels have and that is now going to be transferred to the screen in the form of a series. Having the possibility of doing it with Plano a Plano and with the same honesty and empathy that the original novel breathes is for me a dream come true. Now it only remains to know who will be Lauri, Nacho, Lucía, Sara, Pol, Alex, Laux or my father. People, not characters, in a novel that have accompanied us in these two years and now come to life. I couldn’t be more excited about this project. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do feeling part of it. And who knows, maybe we can change the red carpet for a cuter pink”, explains La Vecina Rubia.

The author, who has already published two novelsCountdown to Summer and Contando atardeceres – which have more than 400,000 readers, has managed to move from social networks to the literary world thanks to an empathetic vision of the everyday life of a young woman in the 21st century.

“Bringing a character like La Vecina Rubia to the screen gives us the opportunity to establish a one-on-one dialogue with a viewer who values sincerity and authenticity above all else. Countdown to Summer is the anthem of a generation that seeks to see itself reflected in the emotions and experiences of someone with whom it shares values, dreams and fears”, explains César Benítez, president of Plano a Plano, for whom “walking hand in hand with Planeta is a guarantee of success and understanding to continue building stories that penetrate the depths of society”. Plano a Plano, thus demonstrates its commitment to audiovisual adaptations of the most representative novels of today, as endorsed by the successful series Valeria (Netflix), based on the novels of the same name by Elísabet Benavent and which is evident with the recent agreement for the adaptation of Lejos de Luisiana, the latest Planeta Award, written by Luz Gabás.

Javier Sanz of Book & Film Rights says: “Countdown to Summer is a literary phenomenon in Spain that is now beginning its international journey. The series adaptation was the next step for a story of shared emotions, as the readers of La Vecina know very well, who insistently demand the series. Plano a Plano is the ideal partner to, together with the author, bring the universe of La Vecina Rubia to the screen; César Benítez seduced us with his vision of the series and his love for the novel”.