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Lejos de Luisiana by Luz Gabás, winner of the Planeta Award 2022, will be Plano a Plano's next audiovisual project for television

  • The production company has closed a deal to develop the audiovisual adaptation of the 2022 Planet Award.
  • Luz Gabás is also the author of the bestseller Palmeras en la nieve, which was adapted to the screen in 2015 with great success.
  • Gabás’ novel tells the love story between a Native American and a French Creole Woman in Mississippi at the end of the 18th century.

Madrid, March 31st, 2023

Plano a Plano has acquired the rights to adapt the novel published by the Planeta publishing group into a television series through an agreement negotiated with the Book&Film Rights department of the Planeta group.

Plano a Plano continues to bet on the adaptation of novels for its television hits. After titles such as, Valeria, Un Cuento perfecto or Cicatriz, the production company has decided to bet on a safe bet such as the recent Planeta 2022 award winner, Lejos de Luisiana, written by Luz Gabás.

Since 1952 the prestigious Planeta Awards have been presented in Spain, the prizes with the largest economic endowment in the world (one million euros for the winner) which annually rewarded the best unpublish works written in spanish.

This ambitious project will bring to the screen the love story between Ischate, a Native American and Suzette, a Creole French woman at the end of the 18th century in the Mississippi. Gabás, who won the prestigious Planeta Prize in its last edition, has become one of the most relevant authors of Spanish literature capable of unifying the opinion of the critics.

A story that goes beyond borders

For its screen adaptation, Plano a Plano will give importance to the international character and the mixture of cultures and nationalities that Gabás exquisitely develops in the novel. Therefore, the trinomial between France, Spain and the United States will be one of the pillars of the story. After years of colonization, the Girard family accepts the controversial decision of their country, France, to cede part of the untamed lands of the Mississippi to Spain in 1763; however, they will suffer the consequences of the rebellions of their compatriots against the Spanish, the war of Americans against the English for the independence of the United States and the desperate struggle of native Indians for the survival of their people. In such turbulent times, Suzette Girard and Ischate, an Indian of the Kaskaskia tribe, will fight their own battle: to preserve their love from the threats of the world in which they live. All this makes up a captivating and monumental novel that covers the four decades during which Spain possessed the legendary lands of Louisiana.

Gabás, acclaimed for her first novel “Palmeras en la nieve” (bestseller and critical acclaim) travels in this tale of adventure, history, and love to the lands of old Spanish Louisiana, on the banks of the Mississippi in the late 18th century. An essential river in the southern orography and landscape, which becomes the guiding thread of the novel and also the backbone of everything that happens in it. An epic love in the context of the Spanish colonization west of the Mississippi and framed in a society that turned a blind eye to the reality of miscegenation, is the story that the production company aspires to turn into a new audiovisual success.