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The series, which ended broadcasting in January, has been one of the pioneers in promoting sustainable television filming in Spain.

Madrid, March 24th, 2023.

“Servir y Proteger” has become the first daily series in Spain and, therefore, the first RTVE fiction, to measure its carbon footprint within the international project Albert. The RTVE production in collaboration with Plano a Plano ended its broadcast in January, a very special seventh season. In it, it was able to apply the lessons learned after the environmental diagnosis carried out in the previous season, which placed it as one of the pioneer fictions in promoting sustainable filming in Spain.

“Servir y Proteger”, at the initiative of Plano a Plano, opted for the measurement of the carbon footprint in its filming. Subsequently, RTVE, in coordination with the production company, took advantage of this initiative to integrate the measurements with the Albert calculator, thus joining the international project that is part of RTVE’s sustainability plan, which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of the corporation, including audiovisual production.

RTVE joined Albert in December 2021. The group, to which other European public broadcasters such as the BBC or large platforms such as Netflix also belong, aims to reduce emissions from the audiovisual industry and inspire audiences to reverse climate change.

The Plano a Plano series has been a landmark of national fiction, accompanying TVE viewers for more than 1,300 chapters every afternoon. Luisa Martín, Juanjo Artero, Roberto Álvarez, Mamen Camacho, Thais Blume, Jimmy Castro and Pepa Aniorte, among others, have starred in this fiction that has had the participation of more than 300 people and has recorded in 80 sets and a hundred outdoor locations.