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SERVIR Y PROTEGER | celebrates 500 episodes on TVE

With an average of 9.7% audience measurement, the series brings together over a million spectators per day in front of the TV.

Madrid, april 29 de 2019

“Servir y Proteger,” a series produced by Plano a Plano in collaboration with TVE, will broadcast its 500th episode on Monday after two years of uninterrupted broadcasting since the series first came to the afternoon slot on La 1 (Channel 1) on April 24, 2017.

The “Servir y Proteger” team, consisting of 130 professionals, has since worked tirelessly. After 4,000 hours of filming and 25,000 minutes of broadcasting, the screenwriters have written over 30,000 pages of script.

Over the course of these 500 episodes, a total of 60 permanent actors, 250 episodic actors and 5,700 extras have come through the set of “Servir y Proteger.”

Currently directed by Alexandra Graff, the series brings together an average of 1,100,000 spectators per day in front of the TV, with an average 9.7% audience measurement, becoming the best daytime series on the channel. It is also noteworthy that the monthly evolution of the series’ audience measurement is very stable at approximately 10%.

The audience data backs the quality of this fiction series, which is also the most viewed online broadcast in terms of VOSDAL (Viewed on Same Day as Live), which measures the audience for pre-recorded programs for all the television channels open on the same day as the programs are broadcast.

After launching its third season last December, the series has attracted 95,000 new followers who watch the show online after the live broadcast, in addition to the over one million daily spectators watching it on television.

The audience of “Servir y Proteger” has also grown in the 13 to 24-year-old segment, which shows that there are increasingly more young followers of this daily fiction series.

César Benítez, President and Executive Producer of Plano a Plano, has expressed his satisfaction with the “great run and results” of “Servir y Proteger,” which has not stopped growing since the series was launched, thanks to the impeccable work of the production team and the script, as well as the support of all the spectators that follow the show on a daily basis.”

“It’s important for daily series to get the attention they deserve. We are therefore grateful to the audience for its support every afternoon and to TVE for having offered us the opportunity to work hand in hand on a challenge that is without a doubt extremely exciting and gratifying,” Benítez commented.

Over the past two years, “Servir y Proteger” has been recognized with various awards, such as the Vitoria FesTVal Award for Best Script (2017), the Award for Cinematographic and Television Promotion and Broadcasting at the 15th Social Cinema Festival in Castilla-La Mancha (2018), the Alcazaba Award for Best Entertainment Series (2018), the Tarazona Award for Best Aragonese Talent for Andrea del Río (2018), and the Special Award for Artistic Contribution in Television Fiction for the MIM SERIES Awards (2018) for Luisa Martín.