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SERVIR Y PROTEGER | Inicia el rodaje de su cuarta temporada

The actress, who plays the inspector Claudia Miralles, has received this award at an event held in Logroño, as part of the acts of police day’s celebration.

Madrid, September 25, 2019

Actress Luisa Martín, who plays the inspector Claudia Miralles in ‘To Serve and protect’, today received the Cross of police merit with a white badge “for her commendable work of disseminating the image of the National Police and for actively collaborating in awareness campaigns on equality and diversity ”.

It is the second time that this award goes to a person who is not a police officer, after being granted to the interpreter Tito Valverde.

The protagonist of ‘To Serve and Protect’ has received this award at an event held in Logroño, as part of the activities of police day’s celebration.

Luisa Martín’s character has been leading the cast of the series since its premiere in April 2017. Produced by RTVE in collaboration with Plano a Plano, ‘To Serve and Protect’ has just started its fourth season in La 1 channel television, where Claudia Miralles will face the toughest test that she will have to live as a police officer.

A renowned and established La 1 channel series

With almost 600 televised episodes in over two years, To Serve and Protect has won a number of awards including the Vitoria FesTVal Award for the Best Script (2017), the Award for Cinematic and Televisual Promotion and Dissemination presented by the 15th Castilla-La Mancha Social Cinema Festival (2018), the Alcazaba Award for the Best Entertainment Series (2018), the Tarazona Award for the Top Aragonese Talent which was presented to Andrea del Río in 2018 and the MIM SERIES Awards Special Award for Artistic Contribution to Televised Fiction which was presented to Luisa Martín in 2018.