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Thais Blume, Antonio Valero, Cayetana Cabezas, Diego Klein, Vania Villalón, Karina Kolokolchykova and Luis Fernández join

Madrid, September 22, 2020

‘To serve and protect’, the daily series of ‘La 1’ produced by RTVE in collaboration with Plano a Plano, exceeds 800 chapters this Tuesday at the beginning of its 5th season.

Southern Disctrict has not recovered from the assault on the police station and the death of Alicia Ocaña when the prestigious chief inspector sent by the police station arrives to purge him of his responsibilities. Moreover, the police officers will have to face a cruel murderer. And, outside the police station, Quintero seeks revenge…

A new chief inspector and a cop killer

The neighborhood is still in shock when it receives Tomás Salgado (Antonio Valero), the new chief inspector who will investigate what happened at the police station. All the police officers will feel questioned by him, especially Miralles, with whom he will have hard confrontations.

The police station as a whole will be threatened by a mysterious police killer who will become a nightmare for everyone, since anyone can become his victim.

Other Southern District stages

Fernando Quintero will leave the good path to launch himself secretly in search of Vlado Khan, with whom he wants to settle the debt of his daughter’s death. He will have as his ally Hanna Yushenko (Karina Kolokolchycova), a young woman of Ukrainian origin who shares with Quintero motives for revenge. Before everyone else, Hanna is just the new waitress at the Moonlight.

Mateo Bremón will have to face the consequences of all the crimes in which he has participated when Jesús Otero, the man serving time in his place for Malena’s death, sends his sister to blackmail him (played by Teresa Hurtado de Ory).

In addition, new police officers will arrive, such as ITU inspector Iván Díaz (Luís Fernández) and officer Lidia Alonso (Thais Blume). Outside the police station, Eva Velasco (Cayetana Cabezas) will be the owner of a recently opened courier business and a woman with many shady secrets. Angel (Diego Klein) and Daniela Moreno (Vania Villalón) are two brothers of Mexican origin. Daniela will become the new waitress at La Parra when Paty goes to work at the Civic Center with Miguel Herrera. Angel has just been released from prison and is trying to get his life back on track. He will start working at the Hotel Novasur, one of the new venues of the season. But his life will get complicated when he gets involved with the hotel director.

New characters

Antonio Valero is Tomás Salgado. The chief inspector is a very experienced police officer with a great service record. His arrival arouses suspicion in the police officers. However, Salgado does not care if he is rejected, and the only thing that guides him is to diligently do the job he has been given. He is intelligent, and speaks clearly and plainly. He is characterized by his transparency, his intuition for profiling, his police expertise and, above all, his professionalism.

Thais Blume is Lidia Alonso. Because of her rebellious nature, she earned a reputation as a troublemaker in her last posting. Her impulsive character makes her say at first sight what she thinks. She gives the impression of being an insensitive person, but this is not the case: Lidia is all heart, but she tends to hide it to protect herself.

Luis Fernández is Iván Díaz. The new ITU inspector started out as a street cop, a job he loved. But he had to retire from it when he was run over by a mugger and was left with a permanent limp. However, Ivan is not one to give up easily and decided to train to work in the ITU. He is an attractive man and seems very sure of himself, although he is not completely so. His ironic and sarcastic humor is a sign of the bitterness that he still hides inside and that will come out in all its virulence when he meets the man who ran him over in the Southern District.

Cayetana Cabezas is Eva Velasco. She is the owner of Mensajería Velasco, a business that has been open for a few weeks in the neighborhood and is not all that it seems. Eva has fought hard to get where she is, but she hides many secrets and some are very shady. She is a woman marked by her relationship with her father, Enrique, who did not consider her fit to take over the reins of the family business. She is pragmatic, ambitious and willing to do anything to prosper. In addition, she has Abel (played by Felipe Vélez), her right-hand man, who will not hesitate to get his hands dirty so that his business can prosper.

Diego Klein is Angel Moreno. Seven years ago, Angel was sentenced to prison for a crime committed when he was a member of a Latin gang. He has repented with all his heart of the mistakes he made, and when he is released he is going to live with his sister Daniela in the Southern District. Angel’s priorities are to take care of his sister, find a job, and get a job.